Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 4th, Pool Parties, VBS and more

We had one steaming hot 4th of July this year. Maybe it's the pregnancy but it was miserably hot. We went to Mimi and Pops to cook out and the boys cooled off with a slip-n-slide. They had such a blast and were worn out!!

I can't wait until the day that I can get a serious picture from both of them at the same time. haha!

Matt had to work last weekend so the boys stayed at Mimi and Pops so that I could rest and not overdo it. They had so much fun and I truly appreciate the rest. I missed them like crazy though. Sunday they had a pool party they were invited to. They were so excited because they have been dying to swim at the city pool with the diving boards.

 My fearless boys jumping off the diving boards like a pro!

 Boy don't I look tired and miserable in the summer heat.. :-) However, Parker is growing more and more every week. We have officially reached 35 weeks and I have started my weekly appointments have begun. She is very active but also enjoys her sleep. I sure hope she enjoys her sleep when she graces us with her presence! Matt and I went to grab some Mexican food because momma is craving salsa. We take the jeep everywhere lately because pretty soon our family of 5 will not all fit at the same time. I have a feeling it will be me that is booted out!
During the summer the library has "shows" for kids on Wednesdays. Sometimes it is magicians, puppet shows, music, etc.  Their Grammy is taking them and the boys are having a blast. Hunter had to have a picture with one of the performers. Alana Thompson joined in!

VBS has official begun... it feels so strange not helping out this year but I decided there was no way I could. Maybe and hopefully next year! The boys are having a blast and are beyond exhausted at the end of the night.

 Gage decided to take a break from going to his class and hung out with Mimi and me. He found a few rocks outside that someone hid. I promise it is so hard for this kid to take a serious picture. He keeps us laughing all the time.

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