Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spring Fun and End of School

This warm weather is giving us summer fever. We are ready to go swimming! However, it is still too cold to swim in a big pool so baby pool and water guns are the answer for now. The boys don't seem to mind at all!

Another day in the water....

Just had to get a picture of these cuties walking into Awana's at church.
Below is a picture of Hunter and his class at Field Day for school. They get to enjoy water slides, bouncy houses, normal slides, sno cones, snacks and just plain ol fun. I am very jealous!

Hunter and his friend Blake McDaniel

Parker is growing and growing. She is nearly 2lbs now at between 26-27 weeks. Went went to the specialist and they confirmed she is still my petite little girl so as of right now she is taking after me on height. She is pretty active during the day and night. Scares me to say the least.. haha! Poor girl already gets picked on by Gage who likes to put a fart machine to my belly for her to hear. On the flip side, she is beyond loved by both of the boys. They will hug and talk to my belly often.  This month I go back to the doctor to take my sugar test. Fingers crossed!

Mother's Day weekend with the family. We went to the movies to see Boss Baby Saturday night. We got out kind of late so Gage was not all about taking a picture. We do the best we can and this was the best of around 30 shots.

Little Parker is almost 28 weeks. She is doing wonderful and moving all the time. She sleeps more in the day time than night time. When 9:00pm hits she gets a big burst of energy. Then in the morning when the alarm goes off I try to snooze but she has other plans. She is awake and ready to go. Boy I can just picture our mornings when she gets here. I pray she loves sleep like Gage but I have a feeling she will be like Hunter and not require as much.
My goofy boys!!!!

Hunter is ready for his awards day at school. I can't believe his 2nd grade year is coming to an end. Time is flying by way too fast.

This smart finished 2nd grade with all A's, good AR score, leader of the month award,  and also got asked to be in the gifted program at school. He is one smart little cookie and we are very proud of him.

First picture of all the girls :-)

Awards ceremony for Hunter completing 2nd grade and moving on to 3rd. It has been a wonderful year and he has learned so much. We also learned that he has been asked to join the gifted program at the school and got all A's. Very proud of him and hope he sticks with doing so well in school.

Gage would not take a picture for me before his program. He has a little stubborness in him and I don't know where he gets it from.. haha

He had his end of the year program at school for K3. It was precious and he did so good. He even had 2 speaking parts. One was about the color yellow and the other was the bible verse "God is love". He did wonderful! As he accepted his diploma they had a video showing of him stating what his favorite thing to do was he said it was to ride monster trucks and play with legos. 

 He did so good with his speaking parts...

 As you can see Parker is growing. 27 weeks!

Can't believe this boy will be in K4 in just a few short months. Time please slow down.

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