Friday, May 26, 2017

Baseball Part 2

Baseball picture overload... just be ready!

 Some ice cream before the baseball game is the best.

Sweet boy got the game ball plus hit a homerun tonight.

Sawyer and Gage are definitely baseball buddies. They stick together no matter if they are at church or at baseball.

Hunter got another homerun and a busted lip all in one day. He got the busted lip during warm ups. Now he looks extra tough!

Hunter's biggest fan is ready to watch him play. Motorcycle and all....

They had a fun baseball party with dancing, lights, glow sticks, pizza, silly string, etc. They all had a blast and slept really good that night. Or atleast us parents did!

Look who is in a booster seat now. So glad that God has allowed him to grow more and more to where he can now be in a booster seat but gosh my heart is broken into a million pieces.

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