Friday, April 7, 2017

Baseball and more

Family pic with Parker being between 21 and 22 weeks. Not a very flattering pic of the baby bump.. I will do better next time. At this moment I was having a braxton hicks contraction so heck I was doing the best I could :-)

 My handsome and silly boys before school

Baseball games are in full force now. Hunter has games on Monday's and Thursdays mostly starting at 7:00. Boy we are going to be tired!! Doesn't he look handsome?!?

 Matt is helping coach again this year. He is such the best Dad.
Speaking of being the best Dad.. he took Gage on his school field trip to the zoo. I am so glad they got to spend this time together and I know it meant the world to Gage. They started off with a trip to Chic-fil-A and then off to the zoo for some fun. Love them!

Gage and sassy Alana

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