Friday, February 24, 2017

Best Friends

They say a dog is a man's best friend and boy are they right. These two are buddies for sure! Everyday that we get home, Hunter is begging to go outside to play with Kaiser. Kaiser being only almost 6 months old doesn't realize he is full grown but Hunter doesn't mind. It is the sweetest bond ever.

 Kaiser also needs a pool. This boy loves water. We went to the lake in January and the boy swam and had a blast in the freezing cold. I filled up this bucket and he tried his best to get all four legs in but settled for only two. He definitely keeps us laughing. I guess this summer I will be buying plenty of kiddie pools :-)
The boys and I had a date before church Wednesday night. For once they were getting along and not fighting. was peaceful!! They had me laughing talking about their brother or sister that is on the way. They are so excited that we are finding out very soon which one it will be. Gage wants a brother and Hunter wants a sister. At least one of them will be happy.. ha!

 Gage loves to tackle and hug Hunter all the time. Sometimes he will do it once but if he knows it's bothering Hunter he will do it multiple times. I remind Hunter that Gage just loves him. Best friends indeed!

Some popsicle's on a warm day make everything so much better. They are banana flavored which is so much better!

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