Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Soccer season is here!!! The boys are beyond excited and have been asking when practice starts for months now.

Their biggest fan was ready to cheer them on...

I could eat these boys up. They are ready for their first game.

Both boys are playing their heart out. Gage is actually playing the games this year and even going after the ball. He is having a blast. Hunter is also being more aggressive this year. He has scored countless goals and stepped up as a leader on the team. Both are sleeping very well at night :-)

I was getting snuggle time with the Princess at the game. This was my first day back and I was a wreck missing my kids. I loved my routine and time spent with them. Man I need to win the lottery and stay home.

Parker was telling Grandad all about her day at daycare today....

 Didn't take 2 minutes before these boys were OUT! They both play hard and with everything they have.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Family trip to Pensacola as now a family of 7!! Whoa...

We normally go to Panama City Beach but with Parker being so little we thought a place that is more quiet would be best this year. Of course, we were right. It couldn't have been more peaceful and perfect for this time in our life.

Pit stop to feed the princess....   The boys are never ending entertainment.

I do believe these boys love their sister
She loves being outside. We were able to set her things up under a pavilion and let her relax most of the afternoon.

Mimi, Hunter, and I decided to take an evening stroll along the shore. It was beyond peaceful. I do believe we were the only ones out there that evening.

Before heading to go out to eat (basically the only time we went out at night) we had to stag up some pictures.

One of the coolest things to do in Pensacola is visit the Aviation Museum. The boys had a blast exploring all of the aircraft and simulators. We spent almost 2 hours in there and still didn't get to see everything. The boys thought it was neat to be on the base and see all of the air men walking around.

When we asked Hunter what his favorite aircraft is.. he would point to some big shiny one with cool features. When we ask Gage the same question, his response would be "anything with a gun". Help us!!
Parker truly enjoyed the museum.. ha! As long as her Daddy was hold her, she was going to sleep.

 The whole family went exploring the shore line and seeing what treasures they could find.

My heart and world

It was very windy due to a hurricane about to come through in a few days. It was definitely time to go back in the room.

As we were packing up to leave, we thankfully got to see the Blue Angels flying over during their practice flights. It was so neat. We were running back and forth from the front of the building to the back to watch.