Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Parties and More....

Gage had his precious Christmas program today at Marble City. Him and his class did wonderful and were just absolutely precious. His age group had a birthday party celebrating Jesus' birthday while on stage. He loved his hat and blow toy that he was given.

I went and got Gage out of his class when they were done but the 4 year olds still were doing their songs and etc. This little boy was getting very impatient have to actually sit and wait. Can't hold him down.. haha!

Hunter's class got to have a Christmas party filled with presents, treats and even the GRINCH! Aren't they cute?!?!

Gage also had fun at his party. Santa came to see them and brought them a present. Him and Alana Claire are just too cute!

 Picture from Christmas on the Gallops side of the family. They had it at the church since the family is just so big and growing. The boys had fun running off their energy in the gym playing basketball and knights :-)
 Some of the pictures the boys did the other day....

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