Monday, December 26, 2016


Christmas with the Brannen's/Cook's/Hunnicut's is always fun!

 Christmas with the Diffie's

 We secretly knew already that we were expecting a new bundle of joy and after looking at these pictures I realized I wasn't hiding the fact that I didn't feel good at all! We were waiting a little longer before we told the big family. Only the grandparents knew :-)

 The boys putting out the cookies for Santa. Of course, you have to test them out before leaving them. I think that is a rule!

 Trying to get Gage to take a serious picture is truly a lot of work. One day I will give up. Never a dull moment around these two.


 Looks like Santa thought the boys had been good all year long...
The boys had a wonderful Christmas and were very appreciative of everything that they received. After they opened up their gifts, Matt went straight to bed sick. I was suffering from major morning sickness so the boys got to spend the rest of the day with Mimi and Pops. Which I am sure they had a blast and didn't care one bit.