Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Soccer for Hunter

Hunter was on the 7U green team this year. However, they called themselves the Green Cobra's. He said it was because they would strike and attack the ball just like a cobra. Love it! He was on the same team as last year. Having most of the same players truly helped this team. It was fun to watch each of them grow and become better players from last year to this year. We ended the season with only one loss. They kids had fun and truly that was more important than anything.

I watched Hunter grow as a soccer player. He has always liked the game but this year I could see the maturity in his playing. He did very good!

Hayden Hubbard, Hunter and Gage. 

#9 was my favorite number this season!

The green team placed 1st for the season and got a medal to reflect their hard work.

This team was so silly and never stopped laughing.

Team party at a local restaurant to celebrate the fun they have had.

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