Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

We got to start the Halloween celebrating off by going to our friends, Red and Brittany's, house to party! They had a bouncy house, pinata and lots of things to play with. They had a blast!

My big helper at work helping me go through last years trunk or treat bags for work. When given a task like this, he excels. He seems to enjoy productive work. Yay!!
He saved me from having to do it all by myself. I am very thankful for him!
This year I had with me Batman and Ant-man to accompany my mom and I at the Blue Bell Trunk or Treat. We decided to participate this year instead of having to stand in line for hours to get candy. It was a great decision and we all 4 had a blast.

Gage had a Halloween party at school. Aren't they just precious dressed up? Gage kept saying that morning, "Mrs. Glenda is going to be so excited to see me!" I love how much she loves those kids and makes Gage feel very special.
They even got to pick out a pumpkin and take it home.

We got to visit the Trunk or Treat hosted by Marble City Baptist Church.

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