Monday, November 28, 2016

Black Friday Shopping

Matt had to work on the day after Thanksgiving so I didn't get to do much shopping. However, we did make time to go to Home Depot early that morning. I woke Hunter up and he literally got dressed in 5 minutes because he was so excited to see what this Black Friday shopping was all about. Gage.. well he is never happy about getting up. They did wonderful and had a blast checking out all of the good deals.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mother/Son Dance at Fayetteville

Hunter's school had their annual mother/son dance to help raise money for the baseball team. I was luckily asked by the cutest 2nd grader I know. I quickly said yes before he changed his mind. haha! This little boy loves to dance and I love that he wants to still spend time with me. We went and ate Mexican per his request then off to the dance.

The boys would slow dance with their moms but weren't completely interested in doing anything else besides running around and playing football or whatever interest boys :-)
They did have fun watching some of their moms try to do some of the "old" dances. I think we taught them a thing or two.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

All Stars with Hunter

Hunter's soccer team came in first place this year so his coach took a team to the District tournament in Alex City.  Hunter had the honor of joining the team this year. He was pumped up and ready to play. They didn't get to practice much but this team was a group of very talented players. Out of the 6 or 7 teams for his age group.. Hunter's team was undefeated going into the pool play game. They unfortunately lost that game but not because they didn't play good. They were exhausted but did everything that they were supposed to do. Let me just tell you.. those game were emotionally exhausting. I felt like I had played 3 games that morning because I was so tired. Playing 3 games back to back pretty much is a lot. I am very proud of this team and of Hunter!
 Started off playing one of the Opelika teams. The game ended in a tie but we won in a shootout.

 Hunter's sidekick keeping occupied by coloring :-)

 2nd game was against one of the Alex City teams. The game also ended in a tie but we won in a shootout.

 The Alex City and Opelika team that we played had to have a shootout against each other to see who would play us. Opelika won the shootout and also ended up beating us. It was a very stressful game.

Love my family!

We ended the day with a surprise cookout and watching the Alabama game at Hunter's friend, Kane's, house. It was a late game and I don't know how the boys didn't crash but they didn't. Overall we had a wonderful day!