Monday, October 10, 2016

Kaiser Jett Brannen

Matt and I have always been partial to German Shepherd's. After looking for over a year for the right one, we finally found the one for us!

Introducing Kaiser Jett Brannen.
DOB 08/23/16

The boys are over the moon over him. They have been begging for a long time for another dog after our other one passed away. Hunter would constantly ask me when he was ever going to get another pet. It was so pitiful and broke my heart.

Well now all of our hearts are full and he is a great addition to our family.

Introducing Kaiser to the construction life in Hollins. He enjoyed it I guess. However, he slept about 90% of the time there. I never realized how much they sleep when they are little.

He got to stay inside in the beginning in our "mud room". I kept telling Matt he needed to clean up some things. Of course, some things got overlooked. Matt came home to see some of his medical supplies everywhere. It was just ace bandages and gauze. Nothing that could hurt him but the look on Kaiser's face is priceless.

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