Monday, October 31, 2016

What I want to be when I grow Up

For school, Hunter had career week. That whole week was all about going to college and earning a degree to go towards a career. On the first day the students had to dress as what they want to be when they grow up. After going through the list, Hunter picked a Policeman. I know whatever he decides to truly be, he will excel at it. He is awesome at schoolwork and getting things done.

His teacher sent the parents pictures of the kids in their costumes. Too cute!!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Soccer for Gage

Last year Gage got to watch Hunter play soccer and immediately stated he wanted to play when he got old enough. Well this year he was old enough to play 3 year old soccer. He loved practice and was about one of the only ones that would do all of the drills and never complained or sat out. I just knew the season was going to be fun for him and he would be eager to play.

There were only 2 teams this year so they played eachother every single game.Gage was on the blue team and the other team was the pink team. At the first game, he expressed how much he wasn't thrilled about playing the pink team. He kept telling me that he wasn't going to play them. Can you tell he doesn't like pink? ha! Out of around 10 games, he only played maybe 4. There was always a big crowd for his games and that made him super nervous. I don't blame him at all. So each game day we would dress him but honestly never knew if he was going to play. Thankfully Hunter played on the field next to him and his games started either 30 minutes before or after Gage's games so Gage could just sit with us or go play...his choice! However when he did play he had a blast and truly got into the game. He did enjoy his coach (or as he called him "his boss"). You could tell his coach had fun with them all.

Poor guy started having really bad sinus issues in the middle of the season. The only thing that clears him up is his breathing treatments. Clearly coloring helps pass the time. Love it!

I could just eat these two up! The bond between them can't be broken right now and I hope/pray it always stays that way.

Gage would keep running off the field and tell Matt or me that he loves us. It was the sweetest thing!

Gage at his team party. It was held at Central Park with a big bouncy slide and all. They had fun!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Disney on Ice

Gage had a field trip to Disney on Ice with his 3 year old class at Marble City. Hunter has never attended one of these shows so missing school was a must. It wouldn't have been the same without him.

Look at these cuties....

Gage refuses to take pictures on cue with us. Especially when someone that he doesn't know is taking it. This was the best we could get.
Gage and his friend, Bray Carmack.
Thanks to Mimi for sending spending money, these two got to have their light up toy. Can I just say the mark up on these things is insane. $22 each for one of these toys. Totally ridiculous but they enjoyed them and the whole time I just kept thanking Mimi in my mind.

I enjoyed the throw back to all of the classic Disney movies. The boys know of some of them but honestly they are more interested in the superhero shows instead of the classics.

Can you tell it was mostly princess on the ice and not much boy action.. poor boys!

This is where they started to get more interested. A dragon came out and spit out far then when Frozen show was on there were sparks at random times. They definitely woke up and were eager to finish the show then.

Overall we really did have a wonderful time. We left there and got to go to Toy R Us to pick out things for Santa to bring for Christmas. Always fun!