Thursday, September 8, 2016


We made it to the beach at last!! This summer has been crazy with Matt's working schedule so we haven't been able to really do much of anything. We were dying to just get a way no matter where we went. Hunter had even made a homemade calendar counting down the days until we left. Can you tell they were excited too?!

A big hurricane/tropical storm came through right before we got there. They got so much rain to where the drain on the beach that kept the water from the road was completely full. It made the water in front of our condo not so favorable but we made the best of it.
My poor blue eyed boys. Can't stand to wear sunglasses or a hat at the beach but those eyes just can't handle the sun.

The boys were dying to go ride go-karts. We finally get to one and Gage is knocked out. I took him to the watch tower and hoped that it would wake him up. I hated for him to miss it.

Needless to say... he woke up! Matt and Hunter got to ride again. :-)
We were beating Matt and Gage until close to the very end. He took advantage of me slowing down to give the guy my ticket and passed me. The look on Gage's face was priceless so we had to let him win. Hunter was mad until he saw Gage. It about killed us though... ha!

More fun on the beach playing.

The stays on the beach were very short. It was hot so the pool was calling the boys names. I couldn't hardly get a picture of Hunter in the pool because he truly never stopped playing. He could swim all day if we would let him.

Poor guy was swimming under water and hit his head on the edge of the pool.

Hope everyone bought tickets to the gun show because these two boys are showing off!!!

Two names of two boys who are the world to two parents.