Saturday, August 20, 2016

My birthday and Hunter time

My 30th birthday has arrived whether I am ready or not. Matt and I both got off a little early and we all went to Birmingham to goof around and eat at Mt. Fuji hibachi restaurant. The boys reaction to the cooking is priceless. They laughed and were amazed the whole time.

Somehow I came home with Mario instead of Hunter :-)
Then the next night we went to eat Mexican with my parents and brother. So thankful for my family!
Gage had just woken up and was not ready for pictures. On second thought, he is never ready for pictures. However, this is the best we could get!

I got sent home sick the other day and Hunter has been wanting to go to the Quarry and look at the marble. On our way home from picking him up from school, he and I stopped by for a little bit to let him explore. It was super hot so we didn't get to stay long. However, any little time with him is always fun.

My mini-me!

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