Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Adventures

We tried our first round of Geocaching around town today. We went to a few spots but weren't too impressed; however, we ended at Lake Howard and had fun. We hiked through the woods and down some trails until we found the "treasure". The boys had a blast. Next time we will remember to bring a drink on the trail.. boy was it hot!

The boys had fun with Vacation Bible School at church this year. Gage still needed us with him most of the time but Hunter ventured off on his own and had a blast. They both have fun singing the songs, dancing and playing. They are still singing the songs months later.

One night the big kids had a water slide to enjoy. The little kids had a bounce house and a train. They all got to enjoy a snobiz. It was a wild adventurous night. I think we all slept very good that night.

For the 4th of July we went to Matt's brother, Shane's, lake house in Tennessee for a day or two. We had fun with the family on the water and cooking out. The boys got to ride sea doo's, went tubing, riding the boat and more.

Back in March I got to meet my Dad's half-sister, Heather, for the first time. My dad had the pleasure of finding out about her a year ago and they have talked on the phone but never met in person. It was very nice meeting her and her step-sister, Christine. They came to Hunter's baseball game and then we cooked out at my dad's house. After that we caught up on time in between, looked at pictures and had some unanswered questions finally answered. It was a great time and hopefully will get to see them more often.

The boys and I had the pleasure of taking some pictures at the library for my work. The picture will hang up in the meeting hallway for a year or so. The boys did great taking pictures (we went to many locations within the library) and then got to enjoy exploring through the books in the kids section.
No summer is complete without going to Aunt Tanya and Uncle Craig's pool :-)