Monday, May 2, 2016

Hollins, Parties and Fun Outside

There is nothing greater than having no worries except for which dirt hole you are going to play in or what rock you are going to throw next. Ah to be young again. Enjoy it boys because before you know it, you will have responsibilities and too many cares in the world.

We had to pump the water that had accumulated in the "pit" so that the block could be laid. Hunter was a big help and watching to make sure water was coming out the hose.
Gage was a big helper in gathering rocks and putting them in a bucket. Just because :-)

These two brothers share a bond that I will never understand. They will fight one minute but the next I will overhear them saying "I love you" to eachother without anyone telling them or Hunter praising Gage because he finished a puzzle. They love eachother more than anything. They are truly best friends. I hope and pray that the bond stays strong. I know they will have ups and down as most brothers do but I pray that nothing ever becomes too important to them that their bond is broken. Days can be long when they fight but I wouldn't trade it for the world and am so thankful God gave them to eachother. He knew was he was doing!

Birthday parties in the park. Unfortunately Hunter ended up being the only boy his age that showed up. That didn't matter to the boys because they had eachother and had a blast!

Then it was off to go home and have water balloon fights. Gage loved the idea until he realized they would be thrown at him and he would get wet. Epic Fail! Oh well we will try again later. haha

The boys first experience with a slip-n-slide. I must say they enjoyed it..bruises and all :-)

 The cutest two little boys I have ever known.

 We don't have a swimming pool so we do the next best thing!

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