Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hunter's 7th B'day and the lake

We bought a camper at the beginning of the year and got to take our first camping trip to Wind Creek. We were there the same time as our friends did which was a blast! We ended up snagging the perfect site which had a huge yard and was waterfront. Perfect for the boys, kayaking and cooking out. Couldn’t have been a more perfect trip to be honest. The only thing that would have made it off the charts is if the water could have been warmer and the wind would have quit blowing. It was just the relaxing trip that we needed.
We took the camper down Sunday and decided to go to the tower and let the boys climb to the top. Hunter didn't mind it at all but Gage was ready to come down. He was not a big fan of being up that high. We originally weren't going to stay that night but at the last minute decided to because we had to go to a funeral Monday in Kellyton and thought why not. We unfortunately had to work Tuesday but went back that night after Hunter's baseball game. Good long trip!

Look who lost his 3rd tooth!! 05/16/16

Hunter, Gage and Kane had fun in the water by kayaking, swimming and shooting water guns. Gage doesn’t realize he is smaller and younger. He gave the big boys a fit.. always picking on them!

While we were there a special boy turned 7. It ended up being a rainy day on his birthday but that didn’t stop us from having fun with some hot dogs, homemade fries, peanut butter pie, cotton candy and glow sticks. Perfect! I can’t believe he is 7, it truly has flown by and realizing he is going into the 2nd grade just tears me up. He is a wonderful boy who challenges me with his strong willed personality but he is a warm and tenderhearted soul. He loves to be given adult tasks and to be challenged with responsiblities. He is truly me made over and therefore we challenge each other daily. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

And of course we celebrated his birthday with the grandparents when we got back in town!

Hunter got his very own bb gun for his birthday!

Gage was excited for him but couldn't wait to get his hands on it at the same time. Haha