Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Parties, Dances, Walks and More!!

Hunter got invited to go with Kane 's(far end on the right) bday party at Tree Top. While at home, I kept getting pictures of Hunter having fun and even a picture of him with his arm around a girl. WHAT!?!?! The boy is 6 and already has the Matt Brannen charm. What am I going to do?! It is official though, he can't go to a co-ed party for a very long time. haha!

 For Valentine's day Hunter and I went to his school for the mother/son dance. We had a blast and Hunter truly can dance! Some of the other moms were even bragging on his slow dancing skills. It was precious and I am so thankful that I got to be his mom/date for this event. He was so excited and eagerly picked out his dress clothes. It was too precious!!

 Matt ended up having to work on Valentine's day so instead of three dates for V-day I had two of the best. Atleast one out of the two was excited to be taking a picture for me. Gage was mad because Hunter had a toy he wanted. BOYS! However, they were super excited about their power rangers they got that morning.
 Coosa Valley Hospital had a walk-a-thon and of course we decided to join in. Hunter was super pumped because he loves to exercise, Gage was just ready to ride. We started the morning clogging our arteries at Huddle House then went for just the fun walk that was supposed to be a mile but seemed like much less. We truly should have walked it twice but we had fun anyway!!

 Someone has a true love for spaghetti :-) Three plates later, we decided to cut him off so he could go take a bath. ha!

 He is telling us that he wants more getti right there....

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