Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our Normal Life

We got a camper. We have always talked about getting on eventually but weren't looking right now. One of Matt's patients were selling theirs and it was a deal we just couldn't turn down. So welcome to our family camper. Our boys are excited and will sit out there at times and just watch cartoons. Can't wait to actually go camping in it.. hope we survive!

Poor boy had the flu. He woke up one night with a fever so I took him to the Dr. the next day and wouldn't you know it.. he had the flu AGAIN! We spent the next few days at home and going back to school wore him out. Poor guy :-(

Crazy Alabama weather.. one minute you are in winter clothes, the next summer clothes. When the sun finally comes out and it is warm, we soak it up. Gage got some chalk stuff for his b'day and we had to put it to use.

And what warm day is complete without a Sno Biz?!!?

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