Sunday, March 27, 2016


As you can tell by our clothing, you never know what to wear in the South. The weekend before Easter, we had an egg hunt at the church. The boys had a blast. Hunter is the pro already at egg hunting. When the kids are lined up.. as the other kids are talking he is looking around the field to try to find the perfect egg(s). When we say go, he is off and more than focused and gathering as many eggs as he can! Gage on the other hand is focused but very picky on which eggs he grabs. He wants only certain colors, certain shapes and to be honest ones that sound like they have something in them. It is very tough hunting with him. ha! Hunter used to be that way, he would go around and shake each egg and the ones that had money in them he kept. If they didn’t make a sound, he put them back. I think they take after their momma just a little bit!

Hunter and Connor Crumpton

On Easter weekend we went to Aunt Darnell’s to eat and hunt eggs. It was a fun time of spending time with family and trying to find as many eggs as they could.

Looks like the Easter Bunny came to visit and help celebrate!

Yeah this is about as good as it gets with Gage. When he says he doesn't want to take a picture..then boy he isn't taking a picture. We decided to get Hunter an impromptu gift of a Bible. It happened to come in right before Easter. He loves it and was so excited to take it to church.

Friday, March 25, 2016


The boys were out of school and some of us were off of work. We sure did miss Matt. What better way to spend the day off than to go to the zoo and enjoy their Dino event. We had a blast!

The dinosaurs were great. The zoo did a good job trying to make them look as real as possible. And honestly they made Gage a little nervous at first. Our smart Hunter enjoyed telling us about the dinosaurs and reading the information on them. He is too smart!

We had to get a picture in front of T-Rex of course!

The boys had a blast sliding down the slide. Last year Gage wasn't big enough but this year he grew just enough. The boys were so excited!

Having fun riding the train. Gage loved the conductor and kept calling him his friend :-)