Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving fun

Thanksgiving this year was fun. We enjoyed getting to see and spend time with a majority of our family. We only got to make it to my mothers side for a little bit then Matt's side.

The boys playing outside at my grandmothers house. Gage hasn't had a nap yet and I can't believe he still has energy to run. Where do they store all of it?!!?  Hunter is such a good big brother playing whatever his little brother wants.

Matt had to work the day after Thanksgiving and the whole weekend. So it was a mommy and boys weekend. We enjoyed playing outside and destroying the house!!

These two keep me laughing and pulling my hair out at the same time. Later we went to watch the football game and honestly had to keep them apart because they couldn't stop laughing. But the love between them in unmeasurable. Between Hunters crazy antics and Gage's stories about sharks being in the ocean.. it is never a dull moment.

My darn computer turns some of my pictures and will not let me flip them but LOOK WHO LOST THEIR FIRST TOOTH! His tooth has been needing to come out for a while now, so much so.. the adult tooth was already through. So honestly it doesn't look like he lost a tooth. But we are so proud still!!!!

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