Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015

Yay it looks like Santa came to the Brannen's house this year. The boys must have been good!!! This was the first year that I didn't actually have to wake the boys up to go see what presents they had. Around 5am Hunter woke up and just a few minutes later Gage did. Boy were we tired very early that day. They were so excited about all of the toys they received. Now where am I going to put everything?!!?!?

Gage sticking his tongue out when he is concentrating.. love it!

I see many hours of playing air hockey in our near future!

Boy is he going to have fun while we build the house. We are going to have to watch him closely around power tools.

 Family photo time!!
It has been nasty weather lately so I was glad the boys got to get out a little bit to ride their bikes. Hunter has one but it is a little big for him. I can't wait for him to get to learn how to ride really good.

Christmas at the Diffie's

 Hunter having one serious talk with his Great-Uncle Stan

Christmas with the Brannen's

Look who lost their second tooth!!! He is keeping the tooth fairy busy. It had been loose for a while and I told him he needed to get it out before we went to play with his cousins. Of course that didn't work out. As soon as we got to their house and he went upstairs to play, the tooth came out!!
Someone got sick around Christmas. What started with just a runny nose and a cough.. soon became RSV and Flu. This went away but the runny nose and cough didn't. Back to the doctor we go... he was given a breathing treatment to see if that helps. 3 days later, still no better. Back to the doctor we go again and he is given another breathing treatment medicine. Poor guy, he is so ready to get better. He is too funny at the Dr. though. He isn't afraid to tell the nurse or anyone that he is ready to go. He doesn't mind getting loud and telling them he is ready to go. My honest child! Hunter was such a good big brother in trying to help him get to feeling better.

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