Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Events

Alex City was holding it's first ever Christmas event this year. We thought we would check it out because the description seemed like so much fun. Boy were we wrong.. 2 mile walk to get to where the activities were and there were so many people that the lines for rides were over an hour or more long. The had areas where they were making smores.. well they ran out of graham crackers so we weren't standing in line to roast a marshmallows. ha! Needless to say we didn't stay very long. The boys did enjoy seeing the live nativity scene, reindeer and playing in the fake snow. Maybe next year it will be better!

The boys loved taking this picture because they got to climb two huge rocks to get to where the sign was. I do whatever I can to get a picture these days.
Hunter was in a Christmas play at church as one of the shepherds. It was precious!! Any play with little kids is always going to be funny. When the kids had to move from one side of the stage to the other.. it was a loud mad house. All of the boys running at one time. Too funny!!


Of course I had to take our annual Christmas picture of the boys in front of the tree. This was taken before we went to the church for a Christmas party for the kids. Taking their picture is getting harder and harder but oh they keep me laughing. Gage complained the whole time because he wanted a cheeseburger and was ready to take a nap (it was 5 pm just to let you know). He wanted to stand or sit right in front of Hunter or ya know do the absolute opposite of what I ask. Hunter has been raised in front of a camera so he knows what to do because he knows the quicker he does  what I ask, the quicker it all stops :-)

This is all gage wanted to do so I figured I might as well roll with it and get whatever pictures I can get.

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