Saturday, October 24, 2015


Hunter's soccer season came and went way too fast. He ended up being on the orange team this year. The teamed played their hearts out. They played two times a week so the season flies by! Hunter had a blast and can't wait for next year.

Their uniforms didn't come in on time so for the first two games they had to wear a white or black shirt. It thoroughly confused the kids once their actual jersey's came in. Ha!

Hunter and this little girl had a blast with each other. They spent a majority of their time talking. I can only imagine what those conversations were about!

Hunter's biggest fan!!
Who also enjoyed eating smarties at every game....

Yes that would be my child aka Spider-Man climbing the fence during the game. Ha!

My favorite player #4 who gave it his all and played with his heart. He had a blast and I love watching him play the game he loves.

Of course, they have to take a drink break together. Watching him play is exhausting :-)

Hunter at his soccer party with his trophy!