Saturday, August 1, 2015

Boy and Hollins

 Little Boys Are:
Dirt and trucks
Hugs and Kisses

Bumps and Bruises
And Near Misses

Running, jumping
Screams and Shouts!

But there is one thing
all boys are, I've figured out.

Little Boys are:
Going to grow up much too fast
I vow to enjoy it while it lasts

I loved watching these boys play the other day at my Dad's and in Hollins. We had to move some sawed lumber from one place to the other. Boy was it heavy! It was all worth it to be able to hear and watch the boys play. Their imagination is taking off. Yes, they are boys and throw dirt at each other, hit or poke each other with sticks and run and fall; however, I wouldn't have it any other way! I would give anything to be able to have an ounce of their energy. Gracious!

Love these three and boy do they love their Daddy. He is their hero and I couldn't think of a better hero for them than Matt. He is the most perfect earthly example for them. These three keep me laughing, crying, pulling out my hair and smiling all at the same time.  Life is NEVER dull :-)

This sweet boy picks me flowers all the time. It is the sweetest. He will bring them no matter what but especially if he sees that I am sad or not feeling good. Boy will he make a terrific husband one day.

This one however...not sure that I will get flowers from him. A stick.. maybe!

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