Tuesday, September 8, 2015


We are thankful we got to make our annual beach trip this year. Everyone was in true need of this trip. Our schedules have been crazy, work has been insane and we were needing to relax. It was a very good trip! This was the first trip that Gage would be able to play as he pleases and experience the beach. He and Hunter had a blast together.

Hunter kept these goggles on the whole time. I don't have many pictures without them on him :-)

These puddle jumper "life jacket/swimmies" are perfect. Normally a kid wouldn't need them on the beach but our dare devil requires them at times. He isn't afraid of much and at the blink of an eye he will have tried to get in the middle of the ocean. Ha!

Hunter has known how we take pictures and he usually always complies. Gage on the other hand..not happening. We don't have many pictures of him cooperating with us on pictures, but we do the best we can.

These boys could swim all day if they could....

Gage had to stand just like his brother. I think it is just precious!

Above is what we typically look like trying to get Gage to take a picture. Below is as good as it gets!

This picture is out of order but this is us leaving for the beach. We got to stay most of the day we left since Matt had to work the next night so he was going to have to stay up anyway. Thank you Matt!

 This is Gage digging a hole. Ha!

 We even got to see a water spout. It was funny the people running around screaming that it was a tornado. Hunter got freaked out at first until we explained what was going on. I assured him we wouldn't still be outside if it was a tornado :-)  After that he thought it was pretty cool!

What is a trip to the beach without going to ride go karts and trains...