Saturday, August 8, 2015

Meet the teacher and 1st grade

Hunter had meet the teacher night. Usually it's a long meeting in the gym then meet the teacher but this time we didn't have to go to the meeting. Thank goodness because we had a wild 2 year old with us!!

Hunter has Mrs. Darden this year for 1st grade. She seemed very sweet and excited for the school year. Hunter is very smart and will do great this year. He can't wait to get started!!

Hunter is having to push Gage out of the way :-)

 Of course Gage had to have his picture taken. Anything is brother does, he does!
 First day of 1st grade. Excuse the pictures.. they are foggy because my lens was fogged up from the morning weather.

 And I thought I would share a family picture from my birthday dinner just because!!

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