Saturday, August 29, 2015

Watching them grow

I had the honor of eating lunch with this handsome guy and his friend, Blake the other day. They were so sweet and told me all about their day and all of their friends. I truly enjoyed sitting and listening to them. I definitely do not take these moments for granted.

Hunter had to go to the dentist and they give you a prize after your cleaning is done. He and his Mimi picked out Gage some cool yellow sunglasses. He stood in front of the mirror for the longest time..putting the glasses on, taking them off. It was too funny not to get a picture of!

Matt has been working nights every other weekend. Finally one Friday, it was his off weekend and a home game at Fayetteville so we had to take the boys! I know the below picture is blurry, but it shows how much those boys love each other. Gage had a choice to hold mine or Matt's hand and he wouldn't have it, he wanted his brothers hand instead. Too sweet!

 Of course they didn't watch any of the game. They had a fun eating snow cones and running up and down the ramp laughing and playing. I love the memories they are making together. Hunter even had one girl in his class that would run up to him and just hug him to death. Of course we had to mess with him for just a second about it. :-)

He seems to be making a lot of friends in school and doing very well in his classes. We are super proud of him!

Fun day of washing tires and of course water fights!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

4th of July weekend

4th of July celebration! It was a hot one this year so while Matt and I washed cars the boys had a blast in the kiddie pool and playing around the yard. They have such a blast together. I love hearing the laughter and conversations that go on between the two of them. It's the best ever!

 We got to spend some of the weekend cooking out with family and going to Mrs. Lovie's to swim. Hunter is getting better at swimming by himself and Gage is fearless. I love his puddle jumper life jacket. It truly holds him up and lets him be free. It's a good thing too because he never stops jumping in.  Hunter is doing great... he is gaining confidence and can swim really good underwater as well!

 I love how Hunter truly watches over Gage and wants to make sure he is ok. Such a sweetie!
 Hunter showing off his skills with a side jump!!

 I laugh at this picture because it's one of the only ones we got of Gage actually standing in line. Normally he pushes the person in front of him off the diving board or he will jump right in front of them. For once he stood in line. However he doesn't look too thrilled about that part though :-)

 My mom was gracious enough to snag a couple of pictures for us of Matt's side of the family. The last time they had a picture together our boys weren't even born. Actually I think Matt and I had just gotten married. It's been a long time coming!

 Silly girls Michaela and Ava!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Meet the teacher and 1st grade

Hunter had meet the teacher night. Usually it's a long meeting in the gym then meet the teacher but this time we didn't have to go to the meeting. Thank goodness because we had a wild 2 year old with us!!

Hunter has Mrs. Darden this year for 1st grade. She seemed very sweet and excited for the school year. Hunter is very smart and will do great this year. He can't wait to get started!!

Hunter is having to push Gage out of the way :-)

 Of course Gage had to have his picture taken. Anything is brother does, he does!
 First day of 1st grade. Excuse the pictures.. they are foggy because my lens was fogged up from the morning weather.

 And I thought I would share a family picture from my birthday dinner just because!!