Monday, June 1, 2015


Baseball season was in full swing this year. We had the best most supportive team with wonderful coaches, precious boys and terrific parents. Couldn't have had a better year all together. Hunter played his heart out and improved so much with each game. He had a blast and that's all that mattered!

A ball came flying straight towards him and hit him in his arm. He shook it off and kept playing so he got the game ball. Super proud of his bravery.
I remember when I would go to baseball and football games growing up and the teams always prayed together. Glad to see these two teams carrying on the tradition when they can.
3 of my favorite men in one picture. Gage cheering on Hunter who is batting and Matt on first base coaching. Love it!

Everytime he saw his Daddy, he would scream "Daddy" until Matt finally paid attention to him :-)

Hunter's team ended in 2nd place. He ended the season with 21 runs and only got out 6 times. So proud of him!!