Friday, May 15, 2015

Hunter graduates Kindergarten

I can't believe the day has come that my oldest graduates Kindergarten. We have truly enjoyed Fayetteville. This school was new for Matt and myself, but we have tried our best to learn the ways of the school. So far so good! For Hunter's graduation, they didn't do the traditional cap and gown ceremony. Instead, they had each child dress as what they want to be when they grow up. Hunter chose a fireman. They sang songs and the most precious performance.

Sweet brother waiting for Hunter's graduation to begin...

Sweet Graduate!!

He did soooo good in his program. I was very happy and proud for him. He is usually shy but truly came out of his shell and showed everyone the Hunter we are blessed to see all the time.

Look at that smile :-)

Hunter and his teacher, Mrs. Moore
Of course Gage had to get in the picture. We have to force him to take pictures with us but he will gladly jump into a picture with his brother!

He got a reading award for reading over 250 books for the year and he got the handwriting award. Very proud of him!
Hunter and his friend, Kane

Can't believe this cutie is now a 1st grader. Time please slow down :-(

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