Sunday, April 5, 2015

Opening Day for Baseball and Easter

It is Opening Day/First Game for Hunter's t-ball season. It ended up being the Saturday before Easter. We were supposed to have gone to opening day, but didn't because Matt and Pops were headed to close to Mississippi to buy Matt a car. Hunter didn't want to attend so he spent the night with Mimi while Gage and I slept in.

This is the first year of big boy baseball. They actually play by the rules and keep score. The only thing that is different is they hit off of a T. Matt is helping coach and he and Hunter are loving it. I can't wait to watch him play this season.

One of Hunter's biggest fans. He is constantly cheering him on and hollering for his Bubba or Hunter. It is precious!!

Love my #6!! He is gaining more and more confidence as he steps up the plate. So proud of him!

Matt is such a good coach and example for the boys. I am proud of the man and father that he is.

After his game we went to Matt's parents to hunt eggs with some of the boys cousins.
The boys had fun. The older ones would give Gage their eggs (after they got the prize out of them of course!). He loved it! We were going to try to hide them again but no one was getting his eggs from him. We had to sneak some out of his basket so we could play again. He was too funny!
Hunter is getting more competitive and racked up himself. He is becoming one of the older kids who doesn't need our help and runs off on his on. Makes me sad but glad at the same time!

Easter morning.... Hunter was our first to get out of bed. He is a early bird like his Daddy. Gage and I enjoy our sleep. :-)
The Easter Bunny left some goodies, candy and a tshirt for each of them.

See what I mean? He doesn't like to get up!

My boys in their matching Easter shirts.... So handsome!
Hunter was picking on Gage and hiding his egg behind his head.
See that sneaky smile.. haha!