Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter egg hunt at church

Easter is just around the corner. I feel like it has snuck up on us for sure! We started the celebration by having an egg hunt at the church. This was Gage's first egg hunt that he could actually participate in and have fun.

I couldn't catch Hunter to be able to get a before picture. This was the best I could get. He was ready to go and get his eggs!

He is having a blast!!
Hunter is eyeing some of the eggs nearby, already planning his first moves. Love my son.. he is just like his parents!!

My brother was the leader for Gage's group. Poor 2 and 3 year olds. haha!
See.. I told you Gage doesn't have pictures where he is doing what the rest is doing. He is looking at Matt wondering why people are wanting him to smile. My lovely Hunter knows he better smile so that we will leave him alone a lot quicker!

Now he is cheesin'!!

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