Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter egg hunt at church

Easter is just around the corner. I feel like it has snuck up on us for sure! We started the celebration by having an egg hunt at the church. This was Gage's first egg hunt that he could actually participate in and have fun.

I couldn't catch Hunter to be able to get a before picture. This was the best I could get. He was ready to go and get his eggs!

He is having a blast!!
Hunter is eyeing some of the eggs nearby, already planning his first moves. Love my son.. he is just like his parents!!

My brother was the leader for Gage's group. Poor 2 and 3 year olds. haha!
See.. I told you Gage doesn't have pictures where he is doing what the rest is doing. He is looking at Matt wondering why people are wanting him to smile. My lovely Hunter knows he better smile so that we will leave him alone a lot quicker!

Now he is cheesin'!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


The cold weather has made us stir crazy so to continue celebrating Gage's birthday, we headed to the zoo. This was the first time Gage has been to the zoo. The first time he went he was in my stomach!

Hunter was so wonderful and talked about the animals with Gage and helped him get excited.They were both ready to look at everything and ride the train.

Brothers are the best. I love how the love eachother and hope it stays that way. Yes they fight but honestly if someone else fusses or even play wrestles with one of them, the other is headed to help rescue them.
Love their excitement. They were a huge ball of energy. I guess so much was stored up during the winter!

This was the boys favorite until one of the workers threw down this huge chunk of meat still on the bone. That was unreal to them and honestly to me too. Makes us realize that they are animals that are supposed to be in the wild. Yes they are pretty but they are still dangerous.
This is what they have been looking forward too all day!!!
Love my boys. No I do not have many sane days and yes I cry a lot but I wouldn't trade being their mother for the world. Matt and I are truly blessed!

Silly faces!!!!
Carousel time...

This was Gage's first time on one. I think we jumped around to different animals a lot until he could finally decide on one. Then when it got time to finally get off I literally had to pry his hands off the bar. He was the picture perfect kicking and screaming kid. Then it never went away... it was nap time and boy did he let the whole zoo know it. Screaming his head off, kicking and hitting us. Wow!!! I was ready to duck and hide. At that moment I couldn't laugh about it but now I can. We bought season passes and we joke about how they probably have our names in the system not to let us in. haha!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Gage!

Happy Birthday my dear Gage! I can't believe it has been 2 years since we were at the hospital waiting for your arrival. Time sure is flying by and way too fast :-(    Gage you have brought so much joy to us this year. You are definitely head strong which is a good thing. You are tough as nails and not afraid to show it no matter how big the task or the other person is. You think you are the same age as your brother and want to do everything he does. Bacon, chicken, any sauce, gravy biscuits, chicken biscuits, APPLES!, oranges and almonds are all of your favorite things. You are not afraid to try knew things but are quick to tell us you don't like something. You keep us laughing always and we struggle with it while we are getting on to you for something you did. You are still not fond of going to the nursery or toddler area at church but we are working on it. Your brother wasn't a fan either but I truly think that is because you stay at home instead of being at daycare. That is perfectly fine... we just get to spend more time with you during church :-)

As tradition, he got to wake up to balloons everywhere. He was tickled and immediately started putting them in his bed to keep. He was too funny and in the best mood!!

Love his bed head :-)
Please excuse his Christmas PJ's but uhmm it is cold in March and this was the first thing his Daddy grabbed after his bath last night. ha!

For his birthday, we went to eat at El Paso so Gage can eat his "chips". Which truly he mostly eats the cheese dip by the spoon full. He ends up with cheese dip all over his shirt, table and some on the person who sits next to him but he is happy!
I loved his reaction when he saw his cake. He looked at it and with the biggest smile and brightest eyes said "WOW!!!! Thomas!!"
Many attempts at a family picture and this was the best we could get. I have learned to go with it and realize that two boys are not going to be still for pictures at all. ha!

See... him and his cheese dip :-)

He got embarrassed when we starting to sing to him. I love how tight he clings to his Daddy. Matt is truly his hero. God couldn't have blessed us with a better daddy and husband.

Hunter was such a good big brother and helped Gage blow out his candles...

Sweet sweet boy who has a big heart. He was so wonderful about Gage's bday. This is all new to me and to Hunter. I was nervous that he would get jealous and act out. He proved me wrong. Ahead of time we explained everything to him and he was perfect. He even helped Gage open presents and made things exciting for him. Thank you Hunter!!
You are also a lover of trains, trucks and cars right now Gage. You could sit for minutes (ha!) and play and play. You have now started to talk to some and engage in the activity. I love watching your imagination explode!

You even got to drive the Gator for the first time. Your poor brother used to drive you around all the time but he is getting too big for it and his long legs just don't fit anymore. It breaks my heart but I am so happy for you to get to drive it yourself.