Sunday, February 8, 2015

The boys in the woods

What better way to spend your afternoon than in the woods. We have been so tired and over this cold weather so as soon as the sun came out one day we were out to explore. The boys had a blast and so did we! This is on our property where we are building our house, the boys haven't gotten to explore it too much but were excited to see that there were a couple of creeks and a bunch of hills. Hunter was facinated with the fact that we saw deer tracks and everything!

The loves of my life!
We first took a picture with me standing behind them.. uhm yeah doesn't work when you are 5'1" so up on the tree I went :-)

Matt telling Hunter what all he needed to do to climb a limb and I guess basically fall off of it. haha!
Hunter coming off of his limb....
Picture perfect. I hope Matt realizes how much those boys follow in his footsteps. They look up to him to much and honestly I hope they become just like him. I love it!

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