Monday, February 2, 2015


Before Matt started his new job, he and I decided to take a weekend and go away for a little bit. We decided to go to Memphis because neither one of us had been there before. Let's just say we won't be going back there any time soon but he and I had fun spending time together. We did enjoy going to Graceland though. The commercialized side across the street from the house is very cheesy but was neat to see his cars and other sorts. The house was very cool, it was surreal to be in the same house that he was in and even in the same room where he passed away. I think Matt was more amazed than I was because I somewhat knew what to expect. Since I am the Elvis fan of the family, I  was thrilled to see that he enjoyed it too!!

This was his mother's bedroom. We were not able to go upstairs and look around. They block it off out of respect and privacy for the family.
Formal dining room
Media room

Bar in the media room

Game room. There is actual fabric all over the room..ceilings and walls
The famous Jungle Room



Priscilla's Wedding dress

Sad to say but this is actually where Elvis passed away. There are fresh flowers delivered there every single day to pay respects to him. This is honestly where Matt started feeling surreal about the whole thing. Just thinking about all the history in that whole room.

It cost $5.00 attend one of his shows!

We also got to take part of the traditional Peabody Hotel ducks. They have ducks that get the royal treatment and are escorted down a red carpet to the fountain in the middle of the hotel at 11 each morning, then at 5 they walk back down the red carpet and up to their suite.

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