Friday, February 13, 2015

Chocolates and Work

Nothing better than chocolates before bedtime. Gosh I sure hope Matt is staying up with them!! :-)
I tried to get a picture of them together but this was the best I could get.. they were so funny with their chocolate in their teeth! Those two love each other so much and it makes my heart full to watch them together.

With Matt's new job I am having to pick up Hunter and his friend from school more often. By the time I get back in town and take his friend to his house, I don't have time to take Hunter home. So off to my work he goes! He has enjoyed camping out and hiding under my desk. The boy never eats at home but by golly he eats every snack I have while he is at my office. He eats the entire 1 hour or more. Love it.. finally gonna get some meat on those bones. My little skinny boy!!

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