Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas with Family

Matt and I were still under the weather.. passing the flu around so Hunter and Gage went to the family Christmas's without us. I got to spend a few hours with Matt's side of the family but had to go home to take care of him. They boys didn't care either way, they had a blast. Soon after they both were under the weather. Hate that we missed some family functions but so glad that we are on the road to recovery.
Christmas on Matt's side of the family.
Someone was excited to open presents....

Christmas at the Diffie's

Poor guy you can tell by this picture that he was starting to not feel the best. :-(

I enjoy seeing them play with each other and Hunter showing/helping Gage with his toys.

Those blue eyes are killer!
Playing with their toy guns outside

The only Christmas we all made it to that was outside of our house was my Dad's with my grandparents on that side. We enjoyed some chili and family time.

The boys sure do love their Uncle Collin!!

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