Friday, December 5, 2014

Busy Life

Welcome to our crazy busy life!

I have been busy cleaning out things to donate to Hannah Home. I decided it was time to donate the boys baby bathtub. Gage had other ideas for the bathtub, he thought it was a nice chair instead. Little stinker!

What better way to spend your morning that letting Mommy and Daddy put tattoo's on you. Gage thought it was the best thing to look like his brother. However, 10 minutes later he wanted them off. He wants to do everything his brother does. It was very sweet! Hunter is such a good big brother.. he is always helping him and trying to let him be apart of things. He is loving and protective just like a big brother should be!

This little boy can go through some apples. Some days he eats 3 or 4 at a time. I guess he is truly trying to keep the doctor away ;-)

Sweet boy is growing way too fast. His imagination is taking off and he keeps us on our toes daily. He is loving Kindergarten and learning more and more each day. Homework is not a struggle yet because he loves doing it and ask daily to do work. Hope this phase doesn't go away but I am sure it will!
Nothing better than chocolate chip cookies with sprinkles. They are soo cute. Gage isn't a big fan of chocolate chip cookies but anything Hunter does..Gage does :-) 
Christmas parade in town.... thank you Matt for being so patient and helping me keep Gage from running into the street and Hunter from running around crazy. Life with boys!!

Uncle Collin on his float for his Karate class...
At my work we had open house with Santa. Hunter didn't mind him at all, Gage could have done without the whole experience. This was the best we could do.. haha!
I love the bond that the boys have. Yes they do fight and pick on his each other but they truly love one another. Matt had to put Gage down one more (which I guess is not what Gage wanted) so he pitched a fit and demanded to find his Bubba. He ran to Hunter and wanted to be held for a little bit. So sweet and honestly made me tear up. It is a challenge with boys but this made it all worth it.

If you get off work early for a company departmental christmas lunch, what else is there to do but hang out in a go-kart? Nothing at all!! He demanded me to sit in there with him.. I was afraid I wouldn't get up but oh well I always have Matt to pull me out. ha!

Sweetest kisses ever...

Hunter's wheel on his scooter falls off at time so he makes the best of it. He uses the wheel to crack acorns. He could honestly do that for hours.

Love my sweet Hunter. At 5 years old he is almost bigger than I am :-(
Mr. Fix It Man to the rescue. He is always into something!!

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