Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hollins Festival and Field Trip

We decided to go to the festival in Hollins this year. We have missed the past two years and didn't want to miss this year since hopefully we will be moving down that way one of these days. We also had to go get Uncle Louie's famous sausage dog. Once we got down there we realized quickly that we don't know that many people that come to events in Hollins anymore. Looks like we have to make more friends.. haha.

Gage's reaction when he saw the big slide...Love it!

Hunter basically stayed on this slide the whole time. We had to beg him to go play some games and even eat.
My handsome little fella

Matt got to go on a field trip with Hunter's school to the pumpkin patch at Camp Hargis in Chelsea. They seemed to have had a blast and I am so glad because I was sad that I didn't get to join him and experience his first true field trip, however Mommy must work. Matt said he did great playing with his friends and experiencing all that the pumpkin patch had to offer.

Hunter and Kane playing around before having to leave to come home.

I can't believe how fast time is flying by and I am praying I get to join in on all the fun next time. Have fun sweet boy because he doesn't last long.

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