Saturday, November 1, 2014


For Halloween this year we went to our churches Trunk-or-Treat. We decided to bring along a Bumble Bee Transformer and a Kangaroo. They were the best company ever. Glad we got there when we did because as we were leaving the wind picked up a lot and it was COLD!

The boys with their Mimi and Pops

He looks so tough. He has a mask but Gage is deathly afraid of it so Hunter left it off for a while. Such a good big brother.
Love that he is checking out his Roo in his pouch. He may have been wearing a girl Kangaroo outfit but whose to say?!!? :-) I think it was more this century type outfit where the men help out the women. Yes I am going to go with that!

See... such a mean/tough face!

The boys with their Nana, Uncle Collin, and Pawpaw

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