Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tying shoes, wedding, outside adventures

Look who can tie his shoes now!?!?! He has been working very hard to learn how. In school if they learn how to tie their shoe they get their picture displayed in the hallway. Well you know that is very important to this fella so he worked very hard and mastered it! We are super proud of him!!
 We also got to attend my cousin Heather's wedding this past weekend at Rail Road Park in Birmingham. It is so pretty there and was perfect for little ones who want to run around and be loud. No stress and good food. Score!!
 Love my boys. Hunter is our great picture taker.. Gage, well there is a cookie and that was much more important!
 See my picture taker and the cookie distracted kid :-)

 The boys with their Pawpaw, my Dad....
My brother, Collin, and myself
 Not a good picture of me but just had to show you how huge the cookies were. Massive and he ate 2.5 of them!
 So handsome....
 No fork, no problem. When there is chocolate pie, we don't have time to wait for a fork.

 It makes my heart feel complete when I see them playing together. I am so glad God blessed me with two boys who will grow up together and I pray will always have each other's backs.

Sundays in the jeep and playing in the woods= perfect day! We had a blast walking around and playing in the creek and picking up big acorns for fall decoration. Love nature... it is the best and cheapest decorations :-)

 Mimi and Hunter
 Love this..  actually I wish I was a kid again. They never have to walk around if they don't want to. Must be nice. Kids just don't realize how great they have it! If I had it my way I would go back to naps and riding in strollers.. ha!
 I enjoy sitting back and watching their imagination take over. They are at the age where they can find a stick and go to town with it being a sword, gun, magic wand..etc wherever their mind takes them.

 Gage was telling us it was time to get back in the jeep and ride
 Little stinker :-)

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