Friday, October 24, 2014

Soccer Season

Soccer Season was in full blast this year. We had games every Monday and Tuesday, plus practice on Thursdays. Exhausted is an understatement. Hunter has done great this year. He is really taking charge of the ball most of the time.. the other times he is just a typical 5 year old having fun! (and that's all that matters)

Gage had a blast cheering on his brother and running around and playing in the dirt during the games. So thankful for Mimi and Pops for watching him so that Matt and I could watch Hunter play.
That is one guilty looking face.. but oh so precious!

Little buddy is taking charge of the ball.

These two stuck together during every game. They attend the same school but are in different classes. Hunter says they have soo much fun at PE.


He has decided that boots are way cooler than the game :-)

Practicing before the game. His kicks are getting so much better and his legs are getting stronger which is making that ball go very far. Proud of him!

See, in the next few pictures him and Conner are stuck like glue. I would love to know what kind of converations are going on between the two of them. Seems very important if you ask me!

Hunter is going for the GOAL!!

Little cutie has had a blast at the fields this year. He enjoyed playing around, wanting to sit in my chair everytime I sat down, taking pictures and cheering on his big brother.

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