Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fayetteville Fall Festival

The boys, Matt and I went to the fall festival at Hunter's school. The boys were excited to wear their costume and we were glad to get out of the house. They had a blast at the festival.. I described it as organized chaos. haha!
Love these two boys to pieces.

This is Hunter and his classmate/friend/soccer team mate Mackenzie. She is a mess!
Gage is overwhelmed and by the mad chaos that is going on. They had two or three bouncy houses and many games and in a little gym. Wow!!
Waiting in line for his turn to bounce in the bouncy house
Gage wanted to join so bad. There were a couple of little kids in there at the time so we let him go in for just a minute or so. He was so funny when he got in.. he couldn't quite understand why the "floor" was moving :-)

Hunter and his classmate/friend/soccer team mate Cooper. He is a hoot... keeps me laughing always!
Had to share this brotherly moment after the festival. They both jumped in mine and Matt's bed and wanted to watch Netflix. Usually Gage will stay in the living room with us but this time (and a lot lately) he wanted to be with Hunter. I love it!!
Hunter and Gage at roughly the same age wearing the same outfit. We tried to get Gage to pose the same way but he wasn't having any of that. So we went for the next best pose :-)

I was off work one Friday, Gage and I cleaned out the boys room and found this Thomas blanket. Gage is into he was on cloud 9 getting to sit on the blanket with his cheerios and tea. All was right in the world to him at that point in time.
First time getting to try powdered donuts. By the look on his face I think he was fond of the taste :-)

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