Saturday, September 13, 2014


Thank goodness for Mimi and Pops, we got to enjoy a last minute trip to the beach last weekend. After begging Hunter to allow us to check him out of school (yes, that truly happened.. leaving it on here as proof that it really did happen once!) we left right after lunch and headed to the beach last Friday and came home late Sunday night. That is a lot of driving and riding with kids, especially Gage who is at the age where he doesn't like to ride. I hope he grows out of it but for now we just do the best that we can.. and bring a lot of toys and roll down the windows quite a bit. He is a mess though, one toy satisfies him for maybe 10 seconds then it is "mommy mommy mommy". I remind myself that one day I will miss this :-)

 Gotta love my son and his oh so serious faces that he gives me now...

 Me and my boys.. man I should have put my sunglasses on so I wouldn't have ruined the picture but oh well I love it because it is with them anyway!
I really think Hunter could live at the beach for the rest of his life. He has no fear and never wants to stop playing. However, before we left for the beach he wanted to watch Shark Week on Netflix.. I shot down that idea immediately. Didn't want him to be fearful like his me right before the trip. Ha!

 We started putting Gage is every type of float this year and he hated all of them so we had to opt for the life jacket because he loves to just walk into the pool regardless if anyone is near by or not.

 Hunter is working on swimming without his floaties.. He is doing very good. Just taking time and giving him confidence!
 My Bama football players...

 Sunday morning, already up and ready to go to the beach or pool before we leave and head back home. They are the sweetest together!

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