Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kindergarten, Peach Farm and Movie Night

Wow is Hunter already in Kindergarten?!? Where has the time gone? I am actually handling it pretty well but I think that it is because he is handling it like a champ. He hasn't complained and I know he loves going to school (right now.. ha). We went a few days before school started to meet his teacher, Mrs. Moore, at Fayetteville school. Neither Matt nor I grew up at this school so we were completely lost as to where to go and it is all a new experience to us. Everyone there was very helpful and put me at ease.

 Such a big boy in front of his new classroom. Yes, he still wears two different colored crocs :-)

First day of school! It went very smooth and he was up and ready to go early. He knew we always take pictures so he was up and asking when we were going outside. He is riding to and from school with his friend, Kane. I think this has helped a lot because they are together going through the new big school experience together. They are not in the same class but that may be a good thing so that they continue to get along.

Wow he is almost as tall as I am...
By the looks of it.. it seems like they had a good first day of school!
The boys spent the night with Mimi and Pops and got to visit the peach farm...

Looks like Hunter has become a pro at picking out peaches

Those blue eyes are going to have girls lining up one day....
It melts my heart watching them play and love each other daily. They truly have a blast with each other; whether it is running around, hitting each other, playing with cars, they are always laughing. There are times that I can go into a room and they are snuggled up beside each other just watching TV. So glad God blessed us with two boys to grow up together.
Love my handsome little boy....

Our failing attempt at a family selfie at the drive-in. After this night I think we will wait a few years before attempting a drive-in as a family of 4 when it is the dead of summer. Wow.. what an experience! I honestly couldn't tell you anything about the movie, thank goodness it only cost $10 a car load :-)