Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Gill's and Shocco

Party at the Gill's house with friends. The kids had a lot of fun swimming and playing in the water while the adults had fun spending time together and eating great and delicious food. It is very important to take time and spend it with friends because in the end all you have is family and friends so make the most of it!!

 Aren't they absolutely adorable! Gage scared the other kids with his splashing.. that boy loves water!

After church this past Sunday we went to Shocco with the church family. It was the first time I had been to Shocco and I would have to say we all had fun. The only thing I didn't participate is swimming in the lake.. that lake stunk this time and was not something I considered fun but Matt and Hunter had a blast!

Swimming in the pool...

 Love his facial expressions :)

 Little guy just woke up.. guess he just wasn't ready to open his eyes. Poor thing!
 There are those pretty blues...
 He just wasn't ready to leave yet.. had to keep his feet in the water until we got the car packed up.

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