Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baron's Game

Last night was Family Night with Blue Bell at the Baron's Game. We had the honor of taking Kane with us to the game and he got to spend the night. First spend the night company for both boys! Safe to say all three boys were very excited!!

 Sweet boys waiting for the lady at the Dip-N-Dots stand to get everything ready so that they can get some ice cream...
 Gage enjoyed the boys ice cream too...

 At the game they have a section for the kids with slides, bouncy houses and a play ground. Definitely worth the $5 that it cost because the kids had a blast! Kane is kind of quiet and would sneak off to the next slide at times without us seeing.. scared us to death. Got us prepared for 3 kids if we ever decide that it is in our future. ha!

 The mist machine is every kids dream...
 We got to the game early so that they could get a free Baron's jersey so they had been at the field for a while playing and were ready to go by the 3rd inning. We may have watched 5 minutes of the actual game :)

 The boys experience the color tunnels. They were so amazed and love it. It's the little things in life!

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