Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baron's Game

Last night was Family Night with Blue Bell at the Baron's Game. We had the honor of taking Kane with us to the game and he got to spend the night. First spend the night company for both boys! Safe to say all three boys were very excited!!

 Sweet boys waiting for the lady at the Dip-N-Dots stand to get everything ready so that they can get some ice cream...
 Gage enjoyed the boys ice cream too...

 At the game they have a section for the kids with slides, bouncy houses and a play ground. Definitely worth the $5 that it cost because the kids had a blast! Kane is kind of quiet and would sneak off to the next slide at times without us seeing.. scared us to death. Got us prepared for 3 kids if we ever decide that it is in our future. ha!

 The mist machine is every kids dream...
 We got to the game early so that they could get a free Baron's jersey so they had been at the field for a while playing and were ready to go by the 3rd inning. We may have watched 5 minutes of the actual game :)

 The boys experience the color tunnels. They were so amazed and love it. It's the little things in life!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Gill's and Shocco

Party at the Gill's house with friends. The kids had a lot of fun swimming and playing in the water while the adults had fun spending time together and eating great and delicious food. It is very important to take time and spend it with friends because in the end all you have is family and friends so make the most of it!!

 Aren't they absolutely adorable! Gage scared the other kids with his splashing.. that boy loves water!

After church this past Sunday we went to Shocco with the church family. It was the first time I had been to Shocco and I would have to say we all had fun. The only thing I didn't participate is swimming in the lake.. that lake stunk this time and was not something I considered fun but Matt and Hunter had a blast!

Swimming in the pool...

 Love his facial expressions :)

 Little guy just woke up.. guess he just wasn't ready to open his eyes. Poor thing!
 There are those pretty blues...
 He just wasn't ready to leave yet.. had to keep his feet in the water until we got the car packed up.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Vacation Bible School was this week and the boys had a blast. It honestly came and went by way too fast. This was the first year Gage went and wasn't in a stroller asleep and I would have to say he had fun and enjoyed all of the attention that he received. Thankfully after each night they were both very tired and slept like champs! Win-Win in parent world :)

Yes I know he had a not so thrilled look on his face but I promise he was happy through it all...And really have no clue why he was raising his hand.. ha!

Surprise!! Hunter and Gage's cousin, Elainah was in town visiting and got to come to VBS with us. We really enjoyed having her!

 Hunter on stage singing his song in front of the group Friday night (Elainah had to go home Friday morning)

He makes me so proud. He loves to sing and dance and always knows all the motions and pretty much all the words every time. He's my entertainer!

Just had to share the many faces of Gage...  I guess the popsicle was either sour or just too cold. We still haven't figured out that one! He is our clown and keeps us laughing always :)

 I think in this picture he is saying "See". He pretty much says that about everything.. but he says it in a way that whatever he is pointing at is the most amazing thing ever. We are trying to get him to talk more but he is limited to just a few words. I am afraid soon he will start talking and the words are going to be endless and never stop. I am soaking in the quietness while I can!