Monday, June 23, 2014

Gator and Go-Kart

Matt always had a Go-Kart growing up and so it was only fitting that the boys have one too. I know Matt made some great memories that I hope the boys will also have. The boys were lucky enough to be given one by a family friend plus a great motor from another friend. A little tinkering and some paint and it was good to go! All the boys have had a great weekend working on it and riding the Gator on "breaks" ha! The pictures uploaded all jumpled and out of order so please excuse the mess...

Love those boys to death. Gage never complains if Hunter is in control.. he honestly sits back and trust anything he does. Scares me to death sometimes but they have survived so far!

Brother love...poor Gage!! Hunter honestly is a wonderful big brother and I hope they stay this close always.

Those boy were ready to ride....

Poor guy wanted back in the Go-Kart so bad.. he stood there so patiently!

Makes my heart melt....

Haha I can only picture them in about 11 years or so and Hunter taking Gage "riding". Oh gosh Hunter will be driving in 11 years... time please slow down!

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